Analogue Photography

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Reference Manual for shooting film

by Andrew Bellamy

You may have found an old Konica at the thrift store or inherited a Leica, or you may be one of the many younger photographers who are being drawn to analogue for the first time, as a way to enrich and expand their practice. In either case, this book provides all the information needed to help you understand your camera and get out and start using it.

The fundamental technical sides of both cameras and photography are covered. There are, however, no tips on how to take ‘better’ photos, no sections on lines and shapes, silhouettes, texture or composition. This is purely a technical manual: once you have mastered the mechanics of photography, you will have total creative control over your camera, a tool for taking photos exactly as you want them.

Whether as a primer or a reference manual, this is the perfect book to (re)kindle your love of analogue photography.

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192 pages
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"Having read it from cover to cover, I will hereby be officially recommending a copy of this book to every film photographer that I meet....It says on the cover "Reference manual for shooting film," and it most certainly is. The layout is easily accessible and engaging, with cross references on every page, a comprehensive index, and handy charts right at the back. The contents cover everything: from information about exposure and filters, to fundamental camera function, and beyond!" - Film Shooters Collective

"Those intrigued by old-school photography have a special problem (as though finding a place to develop film weren't enough)-obtaining instructional guides that are not faded, rumpled, or filled with grainy images. With diagrams and closeup shots on camera parts, this reference book is clear, concise, and delightful." - Creative Pro

"A book on photography with no color, not even inserts, is a design challenge that Andrew tackles brilliantly. His schematic illustrations are clear and easy to understand. I found the concepts to be visually explained better than many full-color diagrams found online and in print....There's no shortage of information on exposure, focus, and shutter speed. Camera illustrations along with definitions are simple and easy to understand; practically all knowledge is actionable and is a must-have for any serious photographer." - Analog.Cafe

"This is a book about the beauty of analog photography and a celebration of all these breathtaking, magical cameras. It will connect these devices with a new generation of photographers, helping them not only fall in love with [their cameras] but start using them again, with passion." - Florian Kaps, founder, Polaroid Originals

This Technical Reference Manual On Film Cameras Is Beautiful
"An absolute treat for anyone whose interests land at the intersection of cameras and design." - Casual Photophile

"A strong Recommendation. It manages to explain the more complex subject matter without over complication or getting too bogged down in unnecessary detail.” -

"Much to learn and gorgeous to hold and look at, can’t ask for much more than that." - Japan Camera Hunter

"It's a helpful resource for people who are just getting into film photography as well as for the veteran photographers who are looking to add more knowledge to their already brimming cup." - Lomography

"A beautiful guide to film photography" - Aiga / Design Observer

"Superb design and a bespoke typeface for a new guide to analogue photography"
Creative Boom - Review of Analogue Photography