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 “Meridian” by Matt DesLauriers

Meridian presents a generative art project by the same name, created by artist and coder Matt DesLauriers. The book collects all 1000 editions, distributed on the Ethereum blockchain, and showcases the work in vivid and richly printed detail along with essays, technical breakdowns, code examples, analyses of traits and procedural colours, and a carefully curated selection of large-format spreads. The book will use high quality materials, binding, and a beautiful typographic and graphic treatment. The project is being led by the artist, Matt DesLauriers, designed by the award-winning creative studio, and published by Vetro Editions.

This is a pre-order period for the book. Media and images are mockups at this stage and may change subject to design. The book is scheduled to be finished and dispatched November 2022.

UPDATE: The book production is been completed in December 2022, the shipping will start in mid-January 2023. Apologies for the delay.

If you are a collector of one of the 1000 minted Meridian tokens, you can redeem a discount code to pre-order the book at no cost except shipping. For more information, see the following page:

If you have multiple discount codes and would like to combine them for a single purchase, please email


Product Details:
By Matt DesLauriers
Published by Vetro Editions, Berlin
Issue date: November, 2022 (approx)
Language: English
Size: 214x301mm
Covers: 4 different cover versions
Pages: 272 pages
ISBN: 978-3-9821664-5-2