Risomania - The New Spirit of Printing

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Designers and artists are always on the lookout for new and distinctive printing techniques; today, more and more graphic design studios around the world are rediscovering Risograph technology, using it to give their work a vibrant, absolutely contemporary feel.

Risographs are at the forefront of a new wave of analogue printing. The book Risomania documents this unique and unexpected renaissance in graphic printing, as well as providing an overview of the history and development of these machines.

In addition, the book looks at other, earlier stencil-duplicating machines, which are also being used more and more widely, among them the Mimeograph and Spirit Duplicators. Filled with beautiful examples of print series, postcards, zines, yers, and other experimental prints, Risomania is an exciting and timely project.

Hardcover. 232 pages (20,5x25,5 cm).
Published by Niggli Verlag
written by John Z.Komurki
edited by Luca Bendandi and Luca Bogoni
a project by Vetro Editions, Berlin

Featuring: 476, Alt Går Bra, Atto, Bananafish Books, Bene Rohlmann, Calipso Press, Charles Nypels Lab, Colorama, Colour Code, Design Displacement Group, Dizzy Ink, Drucken 3000, Eleonora Marton, Fazed Grunion, Foto Kino, Gato Negro Ediciones, Hansje van Halem, Hato Press, Hurrikan, Ink’chacha, Inkwell Press, Issue Press, Knuckles&Notch, Moniker Press, Print Club Torino, Printed Goods, Riso Club, Riso Presto, Riso Trip, Risomat, Risotto, Sandwich Mixto, Sigrid Calon, Studio Kkoya, Super Terrain, Tan & Loose, Topo Copy, Viktor Hachmang, We Make It, Woolly Press, &sowalter, Erwin Blok, Korners, Gato Negro Ediciones, Calipso and more.