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UPDATE - BOOK LAUNCH: 20th of February!

Julien Gachadoat, a.k.a. v3ga, is at the forefront of the field of generative art. Instantly recognisable by his monochrome, line-based style, he has explored the interface between code and human creativity for many years; working with algorithms, playing with repetition and abstract forms, with a focus on plotters to produce physical artworks. Moving into the NFT space was thus a natural extension of his practice.

Some of his creations include pieces such as 'Umwelt' (2021), curated for Feral File by Casey Reas, or for ‘Haze’ (2022), part of the Tribute to Herbert W. Franke, the pioneering computer artist.

The time is right for a mid-career catalogue of Gachadoat’s groundbreaking oeuvre. With this in mind, he has teamed up with Luca Bendandi from Berlin’s Vetro Editions to devise a dynamic, paradigm-busting concept artwork titled Pathways.

This edition will feature a curated selection of the best plotter artworks of Gachadoat’s career to date (2018-2023), and offer a deep dive in his creative and coding processes, inspiration references, and much more.