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A.R.E - Augmented Reality Exhibition

A collaboration between Generative Hut, a platform dedicated to bringing together generative artists from over the world, and Vetro Editions, an acclaimed independent publishing house, A.R.E features the very best of generative art – art created through the use of a computer or other autonomous systems.  

Featuring artworks from 31 international artists, A.R.E is like no other art book. It is the first exhibition of its kind, taking the viewer on an immersive art experience. Each page includes a key that unlocks a digital animation via a free app (Aria Platform), bringing the artworks to life using augmented reality. This interactive feature allows the artworks to be explored exactly as the artists intended them to be seen, merging the physical and digital worlds.

A.R.E - Augmented Reality Exhibition
80 pages + cover, Swiss bound, softcover.
with a free app to access Augmented Reality
English, 20 x 25 cm

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In collaboration with:

Aria platform
Dzs Ljubjana
Sappi Paper

Featuring artworks by:

Quentin Lengelé @qornflex
Richard Plumitallo @plum_rich
Aaron Penne @aaron_penne
Alex Guevara @alex.g.u.e.v.a.r.a
Alida Sun @alidasun
Arnaud Pfeffer @arnaudpfef
Bruce Roberts @canvas.51
Geoffrey Bradway @chromatocosmos
Christian Kauppert @codinginthedark
David Szakaly @dvdp
Bileam Tschepe @elekktronaut
Julian Frener @frenerdesign
Hideki Saijo @hdksjskdh
Caleb Ogg @iso.hedron
Piter Pasma @piterpasma
John Carpenter @johnbcarpenter
Julien Gachadoat @julienv3ga
Karl Sluis @kcsluis
Kjetil Golid @kgolid
Loïc Schwaller @loackme
Omer Avarkan @omer_avarkan
Pierre Paslier @pierre.paslier
Paola Olea @pao.olea
Dan Catt @revdancatt
Process Studio
Hyojung Seo @seohyo
Umut Gonka @seskamol
Guillaume Laguarde @entropismes
Jessica In @shedrawswithcode
John Harman @thejohnharman
David Mrugala @thedotiswhite